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Hama Beads

Hama Beads are small, coloured, craft beads that can be used in various ways to create wonderful designs and beautiful pieces of art. They can be enjoyed by everyone; male, female, young and old.

Midi Beads

Undoubtedly the most popular size, Midi Beads are the bestselling Hama Beads range. They are suitable for ages five plus, but are often a preferred size for older children and adults too. They have a 5mm diameter and, if you’ve used Hama Beads before, this is the size you’re likely to have used.

Maxi Beads

Designed specifically for pre-schoolers, Maxi Beads are 10mm in diameter and recommended for ages three to four. They are a great stepping stone to help children become more co-ordinated and eventually move on to using Midi Beads.